Pursuing a Passion – Realizing a Dream. Original art by local artists. Paintings, sculpture, blown glass, & more.


Born and raised in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ninon Chrysochoos is an artist who sees the world in technicolor.  At a very young age some of her art pieces were handpicked to be exhibited in the Rhodesian National Art Gallery. She is inspired by everything she sees and was trained in several art genres but gravitated toward abstracts, impressionism and design.

Her works are truly transcendent – her composition transforms time, space, and color; it is neither random nor artificial, for it comes first from her eternal soul, across eons of time, and is then transmuted onto color and form on canvas. Her heart and voice speak clearly to the beholder.

Ninon, a Greek from the ancient Isle of Rhodes who grew up in Africa, unites the feminine divine with the masculine forte in composition, color, and flow. She expresses a deep and grand energy by intertwining harmony with tension, compliment with contrast, and peace with power — a scheme difficult to execute except by raw talent.

Her work plays on that magical edge: deceptively simple on the surface, and ever-complex as one looks intently and inwardly. This magic springs forth from the joys and struggles she has embraced in her life, having lived on three continents, and being fluent in four languages.

Much of my inspiration comes from the many cultures that have imprinted diverse experiences on my soul. From these cultures, into my work I bring the real and the abstract, the ancient and the modern, the natural and the supernatural, the pensive and the active.

This is what gives her such freedom of palette and range of motion; and why her unique work speaks to so many people – it joins and unites so many forces and dimensions of dream and reality.